Human to Human Marketing: The Key to Growing Your User Base

Updated: Jan 17

At this point, I've shown you guys why it makes sense to become an Internet Artisan. Now, we'll take a look at how to do it.

Let's start with marketing.

In this post I'll focus on one of the most important parts of a successful marketing campaign: Intimacy.

Not that kind of intimacy. Don't do that ^ to your users.

Intimacy in the marketing world means developing a familiarity or trust.

You may be the best in the world at what you do, but unless you can show people who you are, nobody is going to work with you.

I get DM'd all the time on Instagram by people claiming they can offer me some sort of product, fund, or gambling lock that's going to make me thousands.

When I try to view their page, they don't have any posts or followers, and their bio is empty.

I have no idea who this person is, but I imagine they look like this:

Even if it was a more legitimate offer to help me with my SEO or KPI's on social... if they don't have anything to show for themselves, I'm not gonna accept the message.

You've gotta be transparent.

Luckily, there's constant opportunity to be transparent and convey your personality online.

Answer your user's question:

What's in it for you?

The truth should be easy to convey, guilt free.

After all, you're a business owner, and your user understands that.

You offer a product or service in exchange for some sort of reward, whether that's actual income or views, followers, likes, re-posts, etc.

Your service is legitimate.

Unless you're a Nigerian Prince who needs help transferring funds.

There's no shortage of scammers and untrustworthy people out there, and proving you're not one of them is a start.

But this is bigger than verifying your legitimacy.

For me to work with you I not only need to trust your authority, (read my post about non-sales selling for more on this) but I also need to hear your story.

Intimacy and storytelling go hand in hand.

You're Not a Service — You're a Person Offering a Service

In today's online world where everyone is creating content, you need to stand out.

The way you do this is by developing an emotional response from the people consuming your content.

This is only possible if you're incorporating your personality.

(If you've read my other posts, you know this is a common theme, but I'll summarize.)

This doesn't always have to be creating videos or posting pictures of yourself.

What makes you unique? How are you different than the people offering the same services?

What's your flare?

Use me as an example here.

I'm working on showing my face and creating more videos at the moment, but my voice is best conveyed through writing.

On top of that, I come from a different background than most digital strategists.

I taught myself this stuff through reading books & articles, and watching videos.

That's my story, and I'm completely honest about it, 'cause it's also my advantage.

I use my writing to teach you guys the things I've learned, and I do it in terms that are a lot more simple than what you'd find if you opened a college textbook.

(The internet moves very fast... should people really be learning modern marketing technique from a textbook?)


You gotta tell your story and show intimacy for people to remember you, trust you, and work with you.

First, Find Your Advantage

If you already have an online business, chances are you've already gotten over the "but what if I stop fitting in" phase.

Successful people stand out.

And by definition, those that follow the status-quo don't stand out.

If you're worried about fitting in, it's gonna be hard to find success online.

That's because of the abundance of content out there.

You gotta do something different, and that starts with evaluating your character.

What makes people like you? What about you might put someone off?

It may surprise you, but the people that are best at growing a user base, are using that character trait to their advantage.

Ask Danielle Bregoli (The Dr. Phil, Catch Me Outside Girl), Logan and Jake Paul, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, etc.

These are extreme and completely polarizing examples, and I'm not saying you need to be an influencer on that level (but if you want to, controversy never fails).

What I'm saying is your character is your personality.

Don't to try to repel people from you... but still, understanding the thing that attracts people and repels others is important.

Because it gives you an idea of what your ideal consumer looks like (the person who can relate to you).

And I think most people would be surprised (especially with the social media climate these days) how many people find honest, real, genuine personalities that don't care about fitting in and matching the opinion of the majority, very refreshing.

At least that's how I feel when I see someone being completely honest, upfront, and taking risks...

That's who I would want to work with (as long as they can back it up with results).

Finding your character and voice is a great start to pinning down your ideal consumer base.

But, you might want to spend some more time building a profile for your ideal audience.

Where do they live?

What do they do?

What do they dislike?

How will they react to your story?

Play devil's advocate & be honest with yourself. Will this story create trust or appreciation?

Is this actually going to convert for you?

It doesn't hurt to be overly analytic here, as long as it doesn't result in a failure to launch.

Once you've got that somewhat figured out,

Create a Story-Sharing Strategy

Once you pin down a couple ideas, the only way to actually assess the effectiveness of your story is to try it out, and track the response.

Nobody has all of the answers, but you're an Internet Artisan.. you're built to constantly learn, adapt, and be flexible.

So decide where you want to share your story.

Is it Instagram with photos and reels?

Facebook where you can create interest groups for your ideal user base?

LinkedIn where you can filter through potential consumers/clients based on their career status?

Reddit? Snapchat? TikTok?

My advice: try whatever you think makes sense.

There's no perfect recipe.

If I were you, I'd try some behind-the-scenes videos where you show your methods or processes of creating your content, product, or service.

But at the end of the day, you'll be fine with these three principles:

  1. Your character is your story

  2. Your story is your intimacy

  3. Intimacy is your advantage

In my next post I'll explain the other half of effective digital marketing: Consistency.

What's your brand? Do you have an online business? Are you a content creator? Or do you have a product/service? Tell me about it in the comments.

I really want to get to know my readers better and have some back and forth conversations to get your opinion on my brand.

If you'd rather chat, ask for advice, or offer me advice in private, feel free to email me at

We'll talk soon.

- Ben

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