Content Marketing: The Secret to Getting Noticed in 2020

Updated: Jan 20

Content is King

There’s a new breed of millionaires, and most of them are under 30.

They’re called content producers and they’re changing the world, one post at a time.

You know the most successful ones as the Tik tokers, the youtubers, the instagramers, and Ninja… the gamer who pulls in roughly $18 million dollars a year.

(That’s more than Tom Brady’s base salary – but don’t worry, Tom’s cashing in on content too.)

Kylie Jenner made $1.2 million from a single Instagram post.

How on earth is that possible, and where is that money coming from?

The simple answer: views.

Kylie currently has 198 million followers.

That number may be difficult to gauge, so here’s a point of reference:

Russia has a population of 145 million.

Let that soak in… Kylie Jenner has 53 million more followers on Instagram than Russia has people.

That’s crazy exposure. And ad companies know it.

Views are Everything

The goal of advertising has always been fairly simple: inform, persuade, and remind.

Create brand awareness on a large scale to drive sales.

The cost of 30-second ad during Super Bowl 54 was $5.6 million.

That’s 30 seconds to resonate with the 99 million people that were watching.

But people wait all year to scrutinize these ads.

Given they’re actually paying attention and not in the kitchen grabbing another white claw, most people respond to TV ads with, “Meh” or “That was so stupid.”

Not to mention, most people have already seen all of the ads on YouTube.

TV ads are dying.

They appeal to the same generation that’s taking over facebook with the “repost to prove you love Jesus” memes. They’re old.

And I don’t know about you, but when I hear “commercial break”, my hand reaches for my phone without missing a beat.

You know why? Because my brain wants entertainment, not ads.

Given that my ADD little squirrel brain can pay attention to the TV for more than 30 seconds, chances are it’s during the actual entertainment … not the ads.

You know what has literally endless entertaining content? The internet.

I’d rather watch the Nelk Boys offer “some coke” to police officers.

And when that video ends, my eyes stay on that screen because the same little squirrel brain can’t wait for the next funny video.

But first… I’ve watch an ad or two (for at least 5 seconds).

Here’s the big algorithm broken down into terms even I can understand:

  • Nelk Boys get 10 million streams

  • Ads between their videos get viewed 10 million times

  • Ad companies pay YouTube for each of those impressions

  • YouTube pays Nelk to keep it up

The best part? Nelk owns that content.

They can create a product… merchandise like shirts, hoodies, those weird little purses guys are wearing now… and sell it directly to their subscribers.

The YouTube money for views becomes lunch money – the real bread is in their own product sales.

This is called content marketing – and it’s the secret to drawing attention to your product or service.

Stop worrying about getting paid for everything you do.

Entertain people, inform them, give them advice on how to do something, and make it REAL.

Don’t Be a Scammer, Earn Your Traffic

Scammer’s don’t get paid. The people that get paid are the real deal, such as:

  • Industry experts giving out valuable advice to beginners

  • Skilled performers that truly entertain people

  • Attractive people in minimal clothing (sorry – no way around it. People love sex appeal.)

And I’m not being your guidance counselor when I tell you everybody deserves attention. With the internet, anyone can be popular.

There’s multiple people from my high school that spent their nights glued to their x-box and they’re now making $500k+ per year from streaming while they play.

Regardless of their social skills, they’re nasty at Fortnite, and it's fun to watch.

You Can’t Afford Not to Do it

If you’re not content marketing, you’re forfeiting money.

You don’t have to look like Kylie Jenner, you don’t have to have logged years of time on a gaming console, and you don’t have to offer police officers a little coke.

You can be a:

  • Photographer

  • Fashion designer

  • Architect

  • Landscaper

  • Financial Advisor (seriously, I’m helping these guys as you read this)

Nothing is off limits to content marketing.

Find a gap to fill in someone’s life, offer them a service, teach them the basics for free, and then offer to help them further.

Whatever it is that you do, I’m assuming you believe you do it well.

But at the end of the day, what matters is whether or not other people trust you.

And the best way to prove that to people is to show them.

Content = trust. Trust = leverage.

Most People Fail to Take Advantage

I get it, putting yourself out there on the internet and trying to be an expert at whatever it is you do is tough.

It’s the reason why it took me so long to start my own website.

“How do I know people want what I have to offer?”

The internet is and forever will be the place people look to for information and entertainment.

Whether it's your profession or just a hobby, put it online.

If you build a presence online, people will notice. You'd be surprised what people get famous for...

For people to know you exist, and seek out your services, you need to make it easy for them.

The best place to build recognition is the internet.

The best way to get recognized online is to create high quality content.

This is content marketing.

The reason people don’t don't take advantage of this?

It’s time consuming.

“Good blogs take a lot of time and effort, consistency, and a knack for writing.” - Anson Alexander

Anyone can do this (seriously, I taught myself everything I know), and it’s not expensive at all, it just takes time and effort.

The good news?

I'll show you how to do it for free.

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